The graduate program was founded in 1962 as one of the first graduate programs in the nation. It exposes graduate students to a broad range of subjects in their course work. Issues across narrowly-defined disciplines, and diverse research projects, all of which help them pursue professional careers in universities, central and local governments, and public and private enterprises.
It is truly a special place where graduate students, staff, and faculty members learn from each other and form great networks for their future careers. As of 2012, one hundred and twenty students are enrolled in the graduate program.

Master’s Program

The master’s course covers basic theories of policy making in public administration. Its curriculum is divided into three paths in order to provide a broad range of theories and practical knowledge in different fields of public administration and policy. Each year approximately 20 students are admitted to the MA program and currently 60 master’s students are enrolled.
After master’s degrees are granted, students pursue their professional careers in research institutes, public agencies, and the private sector or continue toward doctoral degrees at Yonsei or abroad.
Courses offered in this program include (but are not limited to):

Public Administration Theory

Theory in Public Administration, Organization Theory, Public Personnel Administration, Public Financial Administration, Organizational Behavior, Governance and Presidency, Korean Public Administration, Public Management, Empirical Research on Public Organizations, Institutional Analyses of Nation-State, Institutional Analyses of Formal Organizations, Strategic Management for Public Policy and Governance I, Tools of Government, Seminar in Government Budgeting, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Bureaucracy, Comparative Developmental Administration, Seminar on Empirical Governance Studies

Public Policy

Policy Formulation Process, Policy Implementation, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Policy Management, Comparative Public Policy, Seminar in Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Government Regulation, E-Government, Analysis of Public Expenditure, International Trade Policy, Innovation and Policy, Varieties of Industrial Policy

Applied Study

Research Methodology, Scope and Method of Public Administration, Topics on Advanced Statistics of Public Administration, Local Administration, Urban Administration, Government and Business, Social Welfare Administration, Study of Urbanization, Culture Policy, Public Management Information System, Seminar in Local Public Administration, Local Government Finance, Seminar on Science & Technology Policy, Local Governance and Community, Government and International Financial Crisis