Doctoral Program

Courses in the doctoral program are divided into six major areas, allowing intensive study in the fields in which students are more interested. The program puts strong emphasis on methodological rigor, providing solid training in research methods and statistics. Each year approximately 10 students are accepted to the doctoral program. After doctoral degrees are awarded, 50 graduates of the Ph.D. program teach at four-year universities nationwide as leading scholars in the discipline.
Courses offered in this program include (but are not limited to):

Public Administration Theory

Theory in Public Administration, Comparative and Development Administration, Korean Public Administration, Bureaucracy, Governance and Presidency, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Strategic Management for Public Policy and Governance I, Seminar on Empirical Governance Studies, Institutional Analyses of Nation-State

Public Management and Human Resources

Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Empirical Research on Public Organizations, Public Personnel Administration, Seminar in Public Personnel Policy, Public Management, Institutional Analyses of Formal Organizations, Public Management Information System, E-Government, Government Performance, Seminar in Nonprofit Organizations

Public Budgeting & Finance

Public Financial Administration, Local Governance Finance, Seminar in Government Budgeting, Analysis of Public Expenditure, Government and Business

Public Policy Theory

Policy Formulation Process, Policy Implementation, Policy Case Studies, Comparative Public Policies, E-Government, Government Regulation, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Scope and Methods of Public Administration, Strategic Management for Public Policy and Governance, Tools of Government

Urban and Local Administration

Urban Administration, Local Administration, Seminar in Urban Administration, Inter-Governmental Relations, Study of Urbanization, Seminar in Local Administration, Regional Development, Local Governance and Community

Applied Policy Studies

Social Welfare, Environmental Policy, Cultural Policy, Seminar on Science and Technology Policy, International Trade Policy, Innovation and Policy, Varieties of Industrial Policy