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Greetings from the Department Chair



Amid the technological development and social change, journalism and media in the conventional sense are in revolutionary changes. The way people meet, talk and share meaning is also changing drastically.


However, there is something does not change even in these changes. The importance of democratic communication in which people with different thoughts and different backgrounds come together to discuss the community matters and seek solutions, is the same whether now or then. The faculty, students, and alumni of Department of Communication in Yonsei University believe in the value and power of democratic communication. Our faculty has always played a leading role in the process of settling down the democratic and efficient culture and system of communication distinctively in Korean society.


Being established in 1972 in the name of Department of [Journalism and Broadcasting], Yonsei University's Department of Communication will celebrate its 50th birthday soon. There are incomparable differences between 1972 and today in media environment. There have been amazing changes like a different generation. Despite those breathtaking changes, Yonsei University's Department of Communication has kept its status as the best media education course in Korea as well as in Asia in the field of journalism, communication, advertising, public relations, and image. Our faculty is also playing a leading role in convergent studies with creativity and social significance. Based on a tradition of the last 50 years, our faculty will continue to work on finding and nurturing talented people who will take on leadership roles in the field of media and communication. We will grow into an internationally respected educational and research institute beyond Korea and Asia. We look forward to the active participation of current students, alumni, and anyone interested in our faculty in that journey.


연세대학교 법학전문대학원장김정오